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Toni, I'm experiencing a new problem with IDE and WinUAE, and it still happens only with 68060 (whatever advanced CPU settings I use).

Basically, a program (namely DESKTOP.PRG) crashes at startup. I looked at the memory with the WinUAE debugger, and I compared it with the original executable data. It appears that somewhere inside the executable, a WORD has been duplicated, causing the remaining data to be shifted. In other words, it seems that a WORD has been inserted inside the executable data, with the same value as the previous one.

I couldn't find precisely how that happened, but by thinking a bit, the simplest explanation would be that in some rare circumstances the same word is read twice from the IDE data register. Remember that EmuTOS uses IDE polling.

Do you think that such scenario can happen in WinUAE with 68060 emulation?
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