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Hello, world!

Hello everyone,

I just signed up with the EAB and look forward to being a more active member of the Amiga community.

I first got started with the Amiga 2 years ago when my room mate gave me his Amiga 1200 and 4000/40. At the time, the 4000 was dead and I did not know how to get it back up and running, but the a1200 worked just fine, so for about the first year and a half, I was using the 1200. I then discovered DblNTSC and my room mate found his Amiga rgb > VGA adapter and learned that the aga only put out a horizontal scan frequency of 15khz (it's different for pal - I forget the number exactly). Knowing that DblNTSC is a scan line frequency doubler, I put 2 and 2 together and decided I would try and make a boot floppy that had DblNTSC installed and try it on the a4000. Voila! The 4000 booted and gave me workbench. I also found the cybervision 64/3D and the companion scan doubler amongst my collection of hardware and have been using the 4000 as my almost primary computer since. I plan on putting the mediator 4000Di in there shortly to see what other hardware I can run on that machine.

I also plink around with the commodore 64 every now and again, but not as much as the Amiga.
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