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Originally Posted by Sandro View Post
which difference is between the version you supplied to codetapper and the one by dlfrsilver?
My version should be the same as SPS #0031 (see HERE also for WHD beta patch by Codetapper), which lacks data for the last two levels (presumably due to a duplication error in first runs of the game) and is probably what all the scene cracks would be based on.

Denis' version is the complete game - he made an extended ADF of it (see HERE), but for whatever reason it isn't in SPS.

There's more info. about the different versions in this thread.

Did your version come from an original retail release or the Finale compilation?

it seems the pauses bug is related to the game running on the A1200 o related to the a 020+ because it doesn't appear when playing it on a plain A500
The bug exists on any Amiga with 68020 and above IIRC. Maybe someone else here can verify this on real hardware, otherwise I will try and test the game on A2000/030 here to confirm.

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