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Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post
I never mentioned the person making the videos, I said 'people' I.e the viewers.
But anyway of course it's down to if its worth playing, but I disagree if blame is fully on the developers, as in certain Amiga games 1 or 2 devs have been 'given' 3 months to port an arcade game, no matter how good a dev may be these money pumping companies I.e us gold, ocean etc didn't give a shit if a game was any good, I always feel bad on these devs if the timeframe is so unrealistic they had no chance in reality.
Oki, we are in agreement then.
Note that referring to "people" means that it is almost guaranteed that everyone will think you are talking about them.

You are right that publishers do have responsibility in the quality of a port but so do developers: accepting to do a 3 months port just means accepting to produce low quality work. With the video games market ever growing at that time and the high demand for developers they were not exactly at risk of being homeless if they refused, so they have to bear the responsibility of accepting and producing the horrors we got sold.
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