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Originally Posted by Havie View Post
Interesting to watch and you do need to turn a blind ear to the bias! Looking at Superhang on he seems to have completely missed that the Amiga graphics are much more like the arcade for instance and yes we know that many Amiga ports weren't great but how many times do you need to say it?

Alos, seems to be some slighty dodgy emulation as I'm sure the ST is generally not known to run games faster than the Amiga.
As it turns out, the ST version of Super Hang-On does definitely run better (and the Amiga version only has 16 colours)!
This is alas true of many arcade ports where the ST version was the lead: early games which did not use the Blitter gave the ST an advantage due to its slightly faster CPU and more compact bitplane organization. It is definitely faster to draw bobs on the ST than on the Amiga when using only the 68000.

If you know objective facts about the game's actual speed, then it is clear that his bias is actually not that high.
Truth is, the Amiga arcade ports were pretty shitty overall safe for a few late exceptions and he does not fail to remind us of it, which I am thankful for.

And he does single out great Amiga ports when they are good. That is bias I can live with.

Originally Posted by jizmo View Post
I just wished it was all backed with some objective and some insightful info like background stories, trivia, frame rates, resolutions, sprite sizes etc instead of gut feeling and wild claims like "Atari ST version looks just like Amiga version, but that's because most games of the time were ported from Amiga".

As it is now, I just have to do as Havie suggested and skip the commentary.
Well, not everyone is always well informed, that is a tolerable thing.

Frankly the bias is not always present and very slight. If you can accept that different people have different opinions it should not bother you that much. We all have a lot of friends who do not have any love for the Amiga, that does not prevent us from having interesting discussions about it with them does it?

If you can live with someone having a very slightly different appreciation of things than yours, then you can leave the commentary on.

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