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Testing with a config which uses fastest possible CPU, JIT, CPU idle set to max (my usual config which I use with Workbench). Screenmode is HighGFX 1024768. Workbench loaded, emulated system idle. On Linux/Wine, the WinUAE CPU% indicator reads 29%-33% at frame skip 0, 23-26% at frame skip 9.

Maybe some demo with lots of copper effects could show a larger difference?

An A500-like config with cycle-exact unchecked, running CELTIC-MultiscrollerScroller demo.
27%-30% frame skip 9
43%-52% frame skip 0
(with my laptop's CPU locked to 800MHz)

Large frameskip could be useful if user has demo running, listening to the music, but the demo waits for a mouseclick at the end of each part.
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