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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
It's a combined CPLD and flash update. Both require special tools that the average user does not have, and I would not part with the required files :-)

You have probably read in the Wiki that not all 68020 CPUs can take that kind of overclocking. Also, it appears like the power supply has great influence on overclocking capabilities: Just 0.1V too much, and the CPU gets too hot to run at 42MHz, although the mask is right. Cooling is a "must", but it's very difficult with the CPU upside down and no mounting holes on the card.

Fair enough - I appreciate the response

My first OC was a 486DX-25 that eventually ran at 48 mhz in 1992 (wouldn't do 50).. It's just a ton of fun to OC these old processors to me.. wanted to at least give it a try but understand..

Thanks for this great accelerator btw!
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