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There are better and smaller footprint OS's you could employ on your CSPPC - from CW3.9, AROS, BSD or vesions of AmiKit, CW3.9 with 4.x make-over - to even Amiga OS4.1 (But I would suggest a FAST ATA device with this Software as native IDE is woeful!).

Sadly though for up-scaled productivity software - 128MB is limited - to be fair by today's standards 2GB is limited LOL!

You may be aware of Statchu (here and on he can upgrade the PPC card to faster PPC chips (350MHz) for additional power both on the CSPPC and the BPPC - sadly you are still limited to 128MB RAM - with the A4000 however you can upgrade that with a ZorRAM to give you a further 128MB - 256MB per card - with the A1200 one is sadly stuck with 256MB while in a desktop.

With the BPPC one can upgrade the A1200 with PCI (GREX or Mediator) from this you can use a shared portion of the Graphics Card memory - adding upto 512MB from a 256MB PCI Graphics card and the BPPC's own 256MB of RAM.

So there are options on physical hardware.
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