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Originally Posted by jizmo View Post
I'm right with him there that the Amiga arcade ports aren't anywhere as good as they could've been, but the obvious lack of objectivity here is a cue for me to skip the rest of the episodes - or atleast turn off the commentary.
It is only human to judge an entire show from a single example.
But this is not exactly reasonable.

As for video quality it has been excellent for a long time already, and he posted HD versions of his early days videos. If Dragon Breed's is as bad as you state then it's an isolated example. Again, evaluating with a single sample is not doing yourself a favor.

As for objectivity, I mentioned Mark's slight bias. Frankly, unless one is overly sensitive to this kind of aspect, that is a very bearable thing. The show brings enough to the table that this should not matter if you can accept that not everyone sees the world in the same way.

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