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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
Mark sometimes has a little bias in favour of the ST but he is fair in most of the videos and he is usually right that the Amiga Arcade ports generally were not worth the praise we gave them in the past. When an Amiga port is good/better he never fails to highlight it.
The first episode I clicked was [ Show youtube player ], one of my all time favorites. On the Amiga port, which is by far the best one here in terms of colors, framerate and playability, the footage is mushy, with huge borders black borders all around and starts his the review with "Surprisingly the Amiga port is fairly competent".

On the following Atari version the footage is much more crisp and he leaves out of the review few small details like much duller and limited palette, lacking animation and the complete absence of parallax scrolling, and finishes with "I'm suprised it's not as fast as Amiga version"

I'm right with him there that the Amiga arcade ports aren't anywhere as good as they could've been, but the obvious lack of objectivity here is a cue for me to skip the rest of the episodes - or atleast turn off the commentary.

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