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Originally Posted by hipoonios View Post
Not really worth a new thread.. But Congratulations!

However, I have noticed that all your Amiga videos is 25 fps. The Amiga is 50 fps and you should really consider recording and uploading your videos in 50 fps. This will make the games look much better and smoother. I know that you recording your videos from the real thing. But what's the point if the videos is only in 25 fps?

I hope you do not take this as a complaint. Just want to say this so you can be better
Hi, soz for late reply.
The Amiga is 50fps second but It's interlaced as in not real 50fps, when recording the original Amiga hardware weather using a DVD recorder, VHS recorder or in my case HDD / DVD Sony recorder, the MAX that will come out is It's natural 25fps,...only PC emulation / PC software will be able to upscale it,...very similar to the old LCD tv's that were "HD ready",...meaning it will upscale a standard definition picture so it won't look so bad on a HiDef LCD screen.
My channel records everything natural and the way it was intended weather It's a good result or not so, I've seen many game vids claiming to have been uploaded in 50fps but still not look at fluent as my uploads of those games.
I don't want to start fiddling about with the natural recordings as then I will be crossing the line of my channel and principles,...non emulation.

Anyway thanks for the congrats on me hitting the 3000 mark, my turn to have a little moany queistion,...are you gonna get on with doing a longplay for Wicked by Electic Dreams or what?!
I got to the 11th Zodiac symbol in my upload before I gave up so still no longplay of it yet,...I wanna know if there's an ending!!!
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