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Copyright free Amiga sound effects?

I'm making a puzzle platform game in Multimedia Fusion 2 based on a game I half made in Reality: The Ultimate Construction Kit on my Amiga, approx 22 years ago. I still had all the art, sprites etc so I transferred all that to my PC and converted all the .iff's to .png.

I have a working "Dizzy" style game, albeit unfinished and quite a lot of bugs, but the most pressing issue right now is the lack of sound and music.

I managed to find Matt McFarland who made some copyright free 16-bit music so I've used a track from there for the intro but I need both in-game music and sound effects.

Now I could just do what I did for my last game, based on ZX Spectrum games like Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy, and just "borrow" sounds from other games. I fear I may have to do that again because I can't find any free ones online - just ones that say they're free in the Google results but then ask for an insane amount for them.

Alternatively is there any software on the Amiga that can generate sound effects? I know there's music software such as Octamed but were there any programs for creating sound effects? I could either get hold of the original software to run on my Amiga or an .adf to run in WinUAE.

On a similar issue I'd like to create a fake "crack" intro for my game (complete with a trainer). Were there any demo makers for the Amiga? And are there any .adf's of the programs knocking around? It would help me replicate the demo in MMF2 using actives and text blitters.
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