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Echo: I see your reply and, as I said in the begining of this tread, modifying the framerate (from 50 to 49.8 or so) WILL fix the problem if you watch the AVI file on a PC, but I want to put the video on DVD, so the framerate MUST be exactely 50 fps (interlaced).
But thanks for the help

7-Zark-7: I am saving in a different drive, but this should not matter, as the AVI is not rendered using a real-time capture.

I tryed with different codec combination (Uncompressed RGB and uncompressed PCM audio) and (DivX and MP3 using Radium fraunhaufer professional MP3 codec) and the delay was exactely the same, so I don't think it could be caused by the codec configuration.
Anyway, I only have one MP3 codec, the MP3 professional (Radium) and I never installed any codec pack (never do this!).

Better solution to fix this problem would be to compress the sound for 1 or 2 second, but all this are workarounds for a problem that actually lies in the emulator himself.

I would like to convince the author that the audio length saved in the AVI does not match the picture quantity.

In a normal situation, using 50 fps and audio at 48000 Hz, I should have 960 audio samples by picture, and if you look at the AVI file, you'll notice that you get about 962 audio samples by picture...

Considering there are no delay when watching the demo in real-time, the last thing I can do is capture the audio data send to the audio adapter, using TotalRecorder, and compare it to the audio saved to the AVI file.

Maybe the problem is actually that there are not enough picture rendered ???

Thanks to all the persons that give suggestions, but I am more and more convinced this problem lies in the emulator himself, or the AVI recording routine.

I'll do my bet to discover the real problem, but at the end, I'll need the author help to fix this in the emulator (Toni?)
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