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How accurate is the emulation?

Hi guys,

As a member of the Kick Off Association (a community dedicated to the best football simulation ever) I have been discussing recently the possibilities of using winUAE to play our favourite game.

My first impression is that the emulation gives me 100% A500 emulation. Sound is fine, graphics are better (100Hz instead of 50Hz) and TIMING looks 100% accurate.

Unfortunately some people believe that the speed is not the same. Timing is not the same. I do have a pretty old AMD Thunderbird at 1.2 with 512Mb of memory, ATI RAdeon 7200 and SBLive 5.1!

I do believe that playing with the settings will give the appropriate results, but I would really like to know on a technical basis, how accurate can the emulation be (especially timing)comparing to an A500. Thanx
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