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Okies, I've ordered the above cable...

Now, recommendations & opinions?

Do you think I'd be better to keep my original Commodore brand Amiga 1200 in it's original condition (although, I've since noted it's using an A600 PSU) and purchase another one to add to and keep this one in top-notch nick OR d'ya think I should get over it and add stuff to this one?

Can I get some advice on upgrading my RAM?

I understand Kickstart 3.0 will not run Workbench 3.1 - it seems all the CF cards are 3.1... any suggestions on getting around this issue?

What about networking - can the A1200 get online in this day & age? (I bought the Amiga emulator and one of their variants does enable it to go online, but by gosh it's dire!)
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