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Yes it was quite a fight in the early 90's at school as there wasn't that much support for Dyslexia bar a few special ed. classes. To be fair I have more of what's known as Dyscalculia which means I have real trouble with numbers and maths as opposed to words and letters. Looking at code can be tough sometimes as it's like turning on a TV and getting a blank screen as there's just zero visualisation in my head of what's going on. Once it clicks it's ok but I drove a few maths teachers round the bend a few times haha! Programming seems to help problem solving and logical thinking quite a bit and it's one of the reasons I want to take it up.
Maybe it was better I didn't get help for my learning disabilities. I was intelligent enough in most areas to be a top student in high school. Some of the males in our family, including me, have a problem with verbal comprehension, slow memory processing and short term memory input in general. I didn't know my teachers names at the end of the year in grade school but I could do everything they asked of me. It was all fine until college where I was expected to perform well taking difficult courses but I didn't get enough from lectures and I was not fast enough. Some teachers would not give me any extra time on tests saying it was a "competition" and some were standardized tests with a set time limit. Getting 90% of the answers correct but only finishing 80% of the work would result in a C grade. I finally got a 2 year AA degree after becoming discouraged, depressed and practically dropping out. My cousin was diagnosed with a similar problem a few years later and received a ridiculous amount of help. Anyway, don't let people tell you what you are capable of. Find out for yourself. I have worked on my weak areas and made tremendous advances. The C language was difficult for me at first while I picked up the more logical 68k assembler language easily. I have worked with C enough now that I can teach a few tricks. Learn your strengths, learn your weaknesses and work on both. It sounds like you have the right attitude to overcome .

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