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Battle of the Ports / Retrocore - Youtube channel

Battle of the Ports is a Youtube series dedicated to Arcade games ports.

I mentioned it in a post recently and personally use it as a reference for my projects since it very often reviews Amiga games so I have always been surprised that it is not more often mentioned on the EAB. It has been running for years now so I thought it deserved to have its own thread.

The series playlist:
Retrocore's channel (he maintains a few other series):
Patreon account (I do sponsor him):

The series boasts 126 episodes as of today and reviews ports of Arcade games on most of the home computers and console of that era with a short commentary of each version. Obviously the Amiga versions are featured very often. As are C64, Spectrum, Amstrad, as well as X68000, MegaDrive, Saturn, SNES, etc. and some others.

In Mark's (the author) own words (emphasis mine):
The Retro Core Channel is home to the original Retro Core game series that started way before the days of You Tube. These days it's also home to the awesome Battle Of the Ports. Each week a new show takes a look at a classic arcade game and it's ports across multiple platforms. It's shocking just how bad or good some ports are.
It can be sometimes be a bit painful to see the butchered versions birthed by the likes of US Gold and Tiertex be compared to the other ports, but it is always informative and fun to watch. As he says, there are sometimes good and bad surprises.

Mark has a little bias in favour of the ST but he is fair in most of the videos and he is usually right that the Amiga Arcade ports generally were not worth the praise we gave them in the past. When an Amiga port is good he never fails to highlight it.

The quality of the video has improved steadily over time, the early videos were a bit amateur but those from the past year have been really nice. He publishes them every Saturday from Japan so they are usually available either in the late morning or early afternoon of the same day for Europe and the US.

I will post references to past notable episodes in this thread and will update it whenever new ones are published.

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