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Originally posted by Ian
The only retro machine I know of (Basically those from the west) that have the same sort of uber-nerd (Yes I mean people like you.... and me) following as the Amiga is the Atari ST.
I have to disagree with this. I see the ST fanbase as disjointed, clumsy and completely devoid of the detail and attention given to platforms like Amiga, C64, coin-op...or Speccy, Amstrad, etc. Each platform seems to have loyal, devoted, passionate people who piss away years and years of their lives on this stuff. The ST, aside from LGD, has sites that go up and are abandoned in 6 months. Everytime I follow links to ST sites, they are in ruins.

ST fanatics can't compete with the level of uber-nerd like the Amiga has anymore than that machine could compete with the Amiga.
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