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=ReadOnlyCat;1096662]Really? I agree that the Amiga version is overall quite nice to play but playing the MegaDrive version (on my PS2 I must admit, via the Genesis collection disk), I feel it is more accurate to the arcade than the Amiga. But maybe I am recollecting it wrong.
The Megadrive version was a lot more accurate but I just love the speed of the Amiga port and I feel it's way more responsive too.

You will most certainly interested in following these EAB threads then: Beats of Fire and Final Fight AGA. It is worth to read them from begin to end as Richard Aplin, the coder of the original Amiga version makes a few very informative comments along the thread.
I've read this thread and it's super SUPER interesting (Very sad too!). Final Fight is a hefty task for an Amiga and I really admire what Richard did and Leathered too for how far he got on his own. I think I'd like to try a port of the first Streets of Rage game at some point as I think the smaller sprites and ore limited animations would suit the Amiga really well.

My, if you allow me the expression this is an absolute load of irresponsible bullshit that these teachers told you!
My parents were teacher trainers and they would have been really pissed to hear such categorical and unsubstantiated absurdity from actual teachers.

There have been countless studies showing that people with dyslexia can achieve the same things as any other kitten around. Sure, this particularity is going to make a few things annoying or difficult but they also show that people with dyslexia are good to work around these issues in creative ways.
I am certain that if you put the proper amount of effort, you can code as well as any other.

I work in the games industry and I have met plenty of dyslexic kittens who have no issue coding or designing at all. You will manage fine as long as you put the effort into it, I am certain of it!
Yes it was quite a fight in the early 90's at school as there wasn't that much support for Dyslexia bar a few special ed. classes. To be fair I have more of what's known as Dyscalculia which means I have real trouble with numbers and maths as opposed to words and letters. Looking at code can be tough sometimes as it's like turning on a TV and getting a blank screen as there's just zero visualisation in my head of what's going on. Once it clicks it's ok but I drove a few maths teachers round the bend a few times haha! Programming seems to help problem solving and logical thinking quite a bit and it's one of the reasons I want to take it up.

Game Maker is a great tool. Especially for prototyping design ideas.
It really is. I find it very flexible and it gave me my first taste for programming but the Amiga has always been my real target!

We know the feeling. Keep it up, it is just the beginning!
I shall. Glad I have such a good and patient forum like this. Great resource and great people!
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