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The first half var really good if you want an indepth documentary about everything Amiga until the A500 gets released. To critizise it because you already know the story is silly because any good documentary assumes that the viewer has no prior knowledge of the topic. It wouldn't work otherwise.

The latter part is disjointed, overly nostalgic, shallow and mostly a bunch of guys telling us how much fun they had. Like a friend telling you how fun it was drinking at the pub last Friday. It really doesn't add much at all. It doesn't compare to any other computers of the era, it doesn't explain how the market changed and cought up, it doesn't explain what happened inside Commodore and it doesn't even tell you in a single line how it all ended. The other half can be summed up with "The A500 came and everything was fantastic". And that's really it. You can turn the documentary off without missing a thing.

Which is really weird. The first part is solid, well researched, perfectly linear and all and all interesting. This part alone is worth the money. But the other part is so rushed that it feels like they just added whatever footage they had in a semi-random way in order to finish everything over a weekend. What could have been an amazing documentary becomes just pretty good instead because of this.
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