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The Psygnosis dev disks from the loft

So I was at my Mum and Dads house last weekend.

I went up to the loft and rooted out some of the disks I saved from destruction when we moved buildings at Psygnosis.

Jesus Hell. I never quite realised how many there are. Literally hundreds of the damn things. There are at least three complete hard drive backups in there among the vast amount of individual disks as well. I got a couple of disks and had a look. There are landscapes, test animations, in-game graphics, all sorts of stuff.

The question is, what should I do with them all? It would take weeks so go through them all, but they need to be transferred over to a hard drive and then sorted through. I want this stuff to be available somehow because a lot of it is really interesting.

I also found the original Bill's Tomato Game demo that I talked about in another thread somewhere, if anybody is interested.

Any suggestions to this thread please.
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