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Hi all!

I used to own an A1200 many, many, many years ago. I didn't think I'd ever see one again - until yesterday I made an impulse purchase and now have an almost as good as new A1200. It's still really white and I'm confident it hasn't been rewhited - I think it's just been well looked after.

The seals are all intact and it's as standard, no HD, no additional memory - just the standard 2MB and one floppy drive with a handful of disks (inc. original workbench, Dennis, Oscar & Wordsworth).

Anyway, to the point...

I drove many miles today to pick it up - saw it in action on the former owner's flatscreen TV (their main room's TV) and it worked flawless.

So I got it home and eagerly put it to my TV.

And after tuning in the old analogue tuner to around 490ish (if memory serves), it's just really quite fuzzy.

On the back of the classy RF modulator, there's a tiny dip-switch and a tiny screw that can be adjusted with a flat-head precision screwdriver.

Now, I've not meddled yet - but can that screw perhaps help with minor adjustments to the RF modulator's frequency, perhaps?

Is the switch for NTSC/PAL or something quite different?

Does anyone have any ideas as to why it's got a few spots & fuzz on my screen but was crystal clear on the previous owners TV?

That's it for now...

Oh, and thanks for having me
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