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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
I didn't think it was ever intended to be ported to 68k / OS3 - pretty sure it was planned for OS4 only. The screenshots floating around are all from OS4...
If you're talking about Papyrus Office, then check these links out: (see post #2 from AmigaKit) (see post #13 from AmigaKit) (68K review)

I've got a couple of MorphOS machines (Pegasos and 68K), so I was following the progress of Papyrus Office at the time. There definitely was a 68K version completed and AmigaKit even posted a screenshot of it running on his A1200T. Unfortunately the link to the screenshot is dead now and it's unclear whether it was ever sold through the webstore. The old Vesalia link in my previous post, however, had both the 68K and MorphOS versions listed for 129 EUR at the bottom of the webpage. No price for an AmigaOS4 was listed and I don't think a version was ever coded as Titan never received a development machine from Hyperion.

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