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Oki, I do not want to prolong the argument since it is mostly settled but I just want to make myself a bit clearer before allowing the thread to go back on topic.

Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
I'm not sure it makes any difference..... "I'm a bit of a thief"...... still suggests something unsavoury whether its a "bit of" or not
Extremely mean? If you found it funny, doesn't that make you "mean" in return?
If someone asks for an opinion, they need to expect ALL opinions.
If you think thats being "extremely mean", you need to surf 4chan for about ten minutes to put that comment into perspective
You are right that my characterization as "extremely mean" is completely excessive.
But isn't saying "I am not impressed" to someone asking for an opinion also a bit potentially unsavoury?

Note that if you had made the same remark to me I would obviously have taken it as a friendly elbow jab.
But given that fondpondforever posts unconventional and sometime hard to follow topics I prefer to assume he is good willed and naive and might not have the thick skin that you mentioned. Maybe I am wrong but I would prefer to err on the side of caution.

As you said, we can disagree on my interpretation and we will both survive it.

And to the passerby-s who think we are close to strangling one another:

Please breathe people, breathe (). Disagreeing with someone and arguing is not fighting.
Leffman, Galahad and myself are mature kittens, it should be clear from our common posting history that we agree on way more things than we disagree overall. A bit of hissing does not make an argument into a fight.

Fondpondforever, please accept my apologies for derailing his thread even further,
I am certainly not pretending to talk on your behalf and you are obviously entitled me to tell me to mind my own business if you deem it appropriate.
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