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Originally Posted by blade002 View Post
Yes I agree with everything you've said here, I was thinking the same thing when reading this thread.

For the past 24 years we've been hearing "AGA hardware hasn't been pushed to it's limit" and nothing has ever come to fruition ever since the Amiga's already aforementioned AGA titles that really did make fantastic use of the AGA Chipset.
I would be more moderate.

The 1200 is underpowered compared to the 500 and it is much easier to push it to its limits since the chipset is too slow for its best graphic modes but it has enough potential to provide close to arcade perfect ports of many (but not all) 80s games. I for one would have appreciated to have Capcom/Taito/etc "classics" collections for my 1200 at that time...

Originally Posted by DanScott View Post
Maybe i should just port Truxton to A500 to show it can be done

Then we can think about the possibilities of an AGA hardware pushing monster!
It can be done. But it is not going to be perfect or easy.
Also Truxton is already on my list. Tell me if you start the port so I can avoid it.

Originally Posted by alpine9000 View Post
I am doing a game that will run on any 512kb and above Amiga.

The reason I am aiming for such a low spec is because it's my first Amiga game, and first game in pure asm. I wanted to limit the complexity such that I can actually finish it in a reasonable time.
I think this is a wise choice, you can target more complex systems once you get some hands on experience. Have you chosen what you will do?
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