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News close beta 1.3 release

Right now around 4200 GB and 1800 GBC roms are detected including some public domain related stuff
Added Genesis/Mega Drive support for EmuLa, the current database recognizes the following :
- Game Boy : 8773 roms + some demos & pd
- Game Boy Color : 3971 roms + some demos & pd
- Game Boy Advance : 641 roms
- NES : 7646 roms
- Genesis / Mega Drive : 2917 roms

On Windows Genesis is handled by Fusion, since I'd like to add support for AROS I was wondering if there is a good Mega Drive emulator around, I've tried DGen from AROS-Archives but it have some problems loading roms from the command line.
There is also Genesis Plus but from the readme seems it is missing sound.

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