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My first impressions of an Amiga & favourites!

My first Amiga was the Flight Of Fantasy pack way back in 1990 (Really my older brothers). The only game I remember getting from it was F29 Retaliator but I think there were others too.

At the tender age of 12 and coming from an Amstrad 6128 I had never seen graphics like the initial loading screen of F29 and I thought it was totally photo realistic.

The three games I most remember after that were Shadow Of The Beast II, Golden Axe and Batman: The Movie which I played to absolute death.

Shadow Of The Beast II set off my imagination in ways I couldn't imagine and has influenced me as a musician so much. Golden Axe is still the version I prefer over the Megadrive AND the arcade game as it's faster and much more responsive.

There were so many other games that stood out like 'It Came From The Desert', more specifically the extension 'Antheads', Cannon Fodder, Syndicate, Frontier but I actually think my most played game was Final Fight!

Being a fan of the arcade game I couldn't wait to get my hands on a home version as the Super Famicom was well out my reach. On seeing the intro I was totally amazed at how accurate it was and that amazing music and although I was initially disappointed at how many moves had been cut out I came to realise that it was a really smooth and well coded game.

Ever since I've wanted to do my own scrolling beat 'em up on the Amiga and Final Fight influenced me but after asking some not-so-knowledgeable teachers in school about it I was told I couldn't handle it it due to my dyslexia.

Well I've managed to do a couple of games in Game Maker (I know, mickey mouse code) including a working demo of my own Shinobi type game which was a slog but I wanted to go old school and only now after 25 years am I getting the chance to thanks to WinUAE and Amos.

Truly fascinating stuff, the Amiga hardware architecture is amazing considering the time it was released.

It seems like I'm unlocking the secrets of the universe, which may sound silly but that's how it feels!
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