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Originally Posted by Tempest 2084 View Post
One last question. The battery was removed from the A3000 some time back, but I want to add one back in. I see there are two solutions available: a 2AA holder and a coin battery holder. I used the coin one on my A2000 and had no problems other than it's a bit flimsy. Is one better for use on the A3000?

AA Holder:

Coin Holder:
I have heard from various sources that those coin batteries do not necessarily provide the correct voltage to the clock to keep it running while the power is off. Others say it is just fine. I took my 3000 to a former authorized Commodore service tech and had him remove the NiCad battery and replace it with a lithium ion battery of the same form factor, so it was essentially a drop-in replacement with a little soldering involved.
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