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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
Well, the icons are one such thing that makes 3.9 seem slower.
Well I used ClassicWB 68K on my unaccelerated A2000 and didn't think it was too slow (I think that included the new icons) so maybe I won't notice if I install 3.9? I'm used to GUI's like GS/OS on the Apple IIGS and System 6/7 on the Mac which aren't exactly known for their speed either, so my tolerance for slowness is pretty high.

One last question. The battery was removed from the A3000 some time back, but I want to add one back in. I see there are two solutions available: a 2AA holder and a coin battery holder. I used the coin one on my A2000 and had no problems other than it's a bit flimsy. Is one better for use on the A3000?

AA Holder:

Coin Holder:
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