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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I played Ghosts n Goblins for the first time yesterday. It's crazy how good of a conversion it is compared to Ghouls N Ghosts which plays like a shitty Amstrad game (sorry Denis :P).
Well, a lot of games were basically 8 bits games with a 16 bits low res graphics. Ghouls'n'Ghosts is one of them.

It's the not tied to the game itself, but to the coder ability, and we all know the nasty feats U.S.Gold was able to lol!

The added thingies on the WHDLoad version like the ability to turn in the air make it quite perfect! I am sure any fellow cracker can add these features to the disk version and make it real cool. JOTD did teh WHD one so he might be the man for the job to making a floppy version.
CFOU did the GNG whdload patch.

Why weren't more arcade conversions done right like this? I have noticed a few games using that kind of vertical-ish screen format too, it's quite good for certain 80s coinop conversions!
Why ? Ok let me explain then : because you need to extract all the tiles from the arcade roms, and this can be a complicated engineering process.
Back in the day, only the best engineers could do that. The others were mimicking the coin-op they were converting.

The amiga coder, Rich Frankish got access to the game tiles. That's why they are so arcade faithfull. The game was also an amiga first (the ST version was done a bit later).
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