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Originally Posted by Ratteler View Post
Does it work on the 128? I have a couple of 64's. One is in C16 Case with white keyboard, and the other is C64C.

But my pride an joys are my C-128's!
Ah, but naturally it doesn't.. C-64 mode only. :-/

You're right. I was a weird guy who lived in GEOS.
A lot of what became GEOS 2.0 was actally from my feedback.
Cool that they listened to feedback.. As you know, GEOS sort of never really happened here in Euroland even though it was bundled with the later E motherboard C-64Cs. Judging by comp.sys.cbm discussions back then, it was always used much more on that side of the atlantic.

You pretty much nailed it. Only I was never that much of a gamer. My three favorite Commodore Games we're Elite, Alter Ego, and Mail Order Monsters. I enjoyed tinkering inside my machines more than on them, unless I was creating digital art.
Yeah.. Over here people still used a C64 + 1541 even if they were doing productivity stuff. Some guys had a C-128 + 1571. Then they went Amiga/Mac/PC once the outgrew the C-64 + 1541. Probably much to do with heavy shipping + customs costs for all the nice gear you had available in the USA. :-)
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