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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
Get an IDE64 if you want a modern mass storage device? Much nicer than sd2iec.
Does it work on the 128? I have a couple of 64's. One is in C16 Case with white keyboard, and the other is C64C.

But my pride an joys are my C-128's!

However I will never understand why you would want to take the C-64 very far from its comfort zone for any productivity software. No matter what kind of mass storage you plug into it, the CPU and RAM will either limit what you can do, or make the "impossible" just very cumbersome.

... doing productivity stuff on a C64 seems like a niche of a niche thing.
You're right. I was a weird guy who lived in GEOS.
A lot of what became GEOS 2.0 was actally from my feedback.

Let's face it, the majority of the end users these days are 40-somethings reliving their youth.
You pretty much nailed it. Only I was never that much of a gamer. My three favorite Commodore Games we're Elite, Alter Ego, and Mail Order Monsters. I enjoyed tinkering inside my machines more than on them, unless I was creating digital art.

When I went Amiga, my tinkering gave way to more professional art and animation. Then I went PC and Mac.

This is why I'm drooling for the Vampire 500. I'm FPGA fluent enough to know that I could possibly get other Cores to run, and my retro emulator will be a REAL Amiga 500.

My other stuff is just mental masturbation nostalgia for MY unique days with Commodores.

All my 8 bits are destined for E-Bay in the not to far distant future. I'm just dusting them off and making sure they work. before I have my last big Hurrah!
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