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Get an IDE64 if you want a modern mass storage device? Much nicer than sd2iec.

But you seem to be aware of the various expansions and since you had them back then, you are aware of the limitations they pose.

The C-64 has an immense software library, of which a substantial chunk makes use of the 1541's quirks and features. Thus projects like the 1541 ultimate exist, to cater for people who want to run the back catalogue.

Any present day stuff should definitely have a kernal load fallback so that modern expansions such as the ide64, but also vintage uncompatible expansions such as the CMD HD, Lt Kernal etc. would work.

However I will never understand why you would want to take the C-64 very far from its comfort zone for any productivity software. No matter what kind of mass storage you plug into it, the CPU and RAM will either limit what you can do, or make the "impossible" just very cumbersome.

Ok, you did it on a C-64 with a bunch of manual steps, that's nice in 1994-1995, but now the contemporary stuff has gone so much further that doing productivity stuff on a C64 seems like a niche of a niche thing.

Let's face it, the majority of the end users these days are 40-somethings reliving their youth. They want to run the back catalogue of games, the back catalogue needs 1541 compatibility, thus they will either buy the not 1541 compatible budget option (sd2iec) and wonder why not everything works, or they will splurge on the 1541u and have everything work. They will perhaps boot up GEOS (which they never used as a kid) and click around a bit, then forget all about that and go back for a round of Commando.

Who will make software + expansions for the niche of a niche c-64 pro user? Even CMD couldn't stay afloat back in its day.
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