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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
What would you like to do on the C64 that is limited by the 1541?
I would really like the SD2IEC to support all file formats and VLIR GEOS format in Native Fat32 folders and files, instead of relying on D64, D71, and D81 images as partitions. At least most of the Amiga software I used could be installed on HD.

You may not believe this, but I was actually doing 3D animation on my 8 bit Commodore's back in the day. I had this program that let me do models with 256 vertex. I would use a Super Snapshot 5 to screen grab them, then convert them to multi-color mode where I would hand render the color and shading. I had a CMD HD-40MB HD, and 16MB RAMlink on my C64 and 128, along with 1750 REU for the DMA.

Commodore should have abandoned whatever custom file system format nonsense they were doing and moved to FAT12 support at some point. 8 bits, Amiga, and of course the Commodore PC's.

You can still find 1.44 3.5" disks. If the 1581 and Amiga just went with FAT12 support as a native file system for both platforms, and went with standard PC 1.44 disks, think how much easier the floppy situation would be today.

My Amiga wish list would be CROSSDOS 7 in ROM with the ability to boot from PC Formated disks, and my Ideal 3.5 inch IEC drive would just make FAT12 or FAT16 the standard and toss the old compatibility completely.

It's kind of what happened anyway. Our SD cards are all Fat32 or NTFS formatted.

It's a shame Intimation's LS-120 is a thing of the past. If the firmware could be hacked to read 81, Amiga 880 ans 1.76MB it would be the perfect drive for the old floppy dilemma.

Ah well. No point crying over unpaid licenses by dead company's.

I'm doing DIY retrobright on my Amiga500 case, trying to teach my self FreeCAD, in preparation for setting up my first 3D printer, and exploring hooking up actual PC drive mechanism to RPi style devices, and trying to figure out how to interface a 8237 DMA-chip to an OLD Commodore 8 bit for a DIY REU replacement with DMA speed.

I'm blathering a bit because it's 5:00am where I'm at, and I haven't slept yet. LOL!!!
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