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Originally Posted by Ratteler View Post
For that matter why add a hardrive or more than 1MB of RAM to an Amiga 500?
So the question is not if you can keep machine running, but HOW!
Removing the friction between the Amiga and the real world is perfectly fine. This is not the same as replacing its core chipset with more powerful hardware.

And there was nothing wrong either with having accelerators on a supported, living machine, where software was regularly updated and a there was a single constructor which would provide standards, guidelines and (theoretically) new models with clear paths to upgrade. But now this context does not exist, whatever new comes is by definition an isolated initiative and thus a fragmenting one.

PPC? Vampire? OS3? OS4? Aros? Morphos? Vampire V1? V2? V3? Which card should new developer support? Which OS? Every new card makes the market more fragmented and a headache for a developer.

Stock machines will forever stay a stable, predictable and available market.

Originally Posted by Ratteler View Post
On the commodore 8 bit side, nothing has held the machine back worse than it's entanglement with the 1541! That damn floppy drive is road block to most software improvements on the platform.
If I am not mistaken there are now plenty of boards which allow you to use modern storage media and remove this unnecessary friction.

Originally Posted by Ratteler View Post
For all the bells and whistles, the modern age has failed to keep up with those apps for simple animation.
I think that this is a myth which deserves to die.
The artists and animators I see every day at work (I work in the video games industry) tell me otherwise. There are plenty of easy to use modern tools which totally put anything that existed on the Amiga to shame. And painting with a tablet rather than a mouse is 10 times more productive, even, and especially for pixel art.

Originally Posted by Ratteler View Post
I'm taking a stroll down memory lane with my replacement 500, and I'm hoping to see many cores for the Vampire FPGA that will give me a sweet nostalgia machine.
I want to see how far I can push that old Amiga Magic into the 21st Century.

But maybe that's not your thing. That's cool.
Indeed, running AmigaOS on a new computer is not my thing.
You are really only accelerating AmigaOS into the 21st century. The rest of your Amiga is completely unused except keyboard and mouse.

The Vampire can do incredible things. No doubt: it was created in 2015. But the Amiga is responsible for none of it.

Stock Amiga-s on the other hand still have a large margin of incredible things to run that nobody has ever written yet.
And the credit for these things will forever be due to the original Amiga team and hardware they created.
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