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Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post
C64-scene has some advantages today. There was never a split in the community, the hardware was and is the same, no NG models so everything (including lots of tricks) are knowsn [...]

At the moment I would say C64-community is in a much better situation
Yup, yup, yup.

Which is why I think new FPGA accelerators (despite nice) are overall very harmful because they split the development and user scenes in two populations which are further and further apart with each new accelerator/upgrade/lets-catch-up-to-the-pc-30-years-too-late development.

Half of the scene stays rightfully faithful to the stock-or-close-to machines because these are what the Amiga was. And the other half chases the illusory dream of an alternate reality where the Amiga did not become obsolete.
Developers code for machines with less standards, less users, eventually more fragmentation (which Vampire do you have? Wait until there are several models!), making the Amiga scene a complete mess for any newcomer.

An Amiga, like a C64, like a MegaDrive, like a SNES, is an obsolete machine.
That does not prevent any of them from being absolutely marvellous but for some reason half of the Amiga scene seems to be incapable of loving these machines as they are and want them to be something else.
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