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I am catching up to the podcasts episode and just finished that one and I must say it was really nice. Hearing testimony from the Galahad side of the fence was definitely interesting. But... (read below).

Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
It was weird to me, havent heard my voice for a while, both the hosts (Dan and Ravi) have proper radio sounding voices, me? Not so much.
Well, actually, I thought to myself that you had a pretty nice sounding voice, quite booming yet very subtly controlled (I guess that comes with the British-ness ).

The thought that came to my mind while listening was "oh, what a voice, and I called him a kitten, I guess this one must be a fairly impressive kitty".

Originally Posted by dreamkatcha View Post
One thing that was really disappointing though; the line "we've come to the end of the show". It's a podcast, it ends when there's nothing left to say! I could have listened to this one all day. Was the producer giving the neck slash signal?
This, I must definitely side with.
Sooooo many of the past episodes, I was taken aback by the sudden "thank you so much dear guest but we just reached the end of the interview" while the interview seemed to just have begun and reached proper momentum.

Your guests overall are very interesting and seem to have an enormous amount of relevant and catchy stories to tell that constraining to such a short time frame almost feels like a crime.

This interview was no exception, it was clear to me that Galahad could have said so much more about his work on porting ST exclusives, fixing buggy Amiga ones (Scramble Spirits! thank you again!!!), WHDLoad slaves, etc.

By all means, make these interviews longer.
I understand that other listeners might not want an extended duration podcast so if this requires adding a secondary "full interview" episode then that's just fine as well, you could have a "teaser interview" at the end of the regular show followed by the full Monthy on the next one.

Originally Posted by dreamkatcha View Post
I don't suppose YouTube's automated subtitles are that accurate?
Actually, they are impressively accurate.
It might be a good idea indeed to put the podcasts on Youtube to make use of that feature.
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