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Fell off my chair when I seen this pop up this evening, upon peering over the top of my desktop, watch this unravel and thought WoW! What show stopper and so unexpected for such a film to appear out of the blue considering they have only just released Bedroom to Billions

So hold tight and behold another wonderful must have, can't wait, to see another video game documentary that will capture the essence of the Commodore Amiga in Europe and how it changed the face of computers forever. Now we have Zachary Weddington's "Viva Amiga" which will tell the origins of the Amiga's history in its homeland in America, I feel just won't be present in this one, but I could be wrong, but I think Zach maybe on the borrowed time now and needs to get film released as I don't want the films colliding for your attention this could be a bad thing for both films.

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Anyways here's the first teaser trailer for this new documentary

[ Show youtube player ]

And now the kickstarter page, so that you all back this amazing new Amiga film
Hey, thanks for the link i'll watch it, it's sure

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