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Originally Posted by Tempest 2084 View Post
Do you know of any games that use more than 8MB of ram? I'm genuinely curious now.
Probably Monkey Island 2, Settlers and similar larger adventure games. Most two disk games don't require it. Unfortunately I haven't really investigated this - my AGA machines all have 128MB RAM, so there has always been plenty of RAM. Also my A3000 with its 16+8+2MB setup has been sufficient for the games I want to play.

Back to the disk drive question. As you can see in those pictures the button for the disk drive is taped on, but I don't have any experience with this type of drive. Does it look like the actual plastic is broken (in which case I can buy a new one) or that something on the drive itself is broken?
Someone just broke the pieces of plastic that the eject button mounts with, they probably didn't realise that you need to have a disk in the drive before you can slide the eject switch out to the right through the little notch in the metal cover sleeve.

I know people said that you can use A2000 or A500 drives with a little hacking, but are the A3000 unique then or just the button?
Well, look at your pic and then mine. The A3000 drive has a slightly different eject button mounting bracket, which can take both a wide A3000 button and a narrow A500 button. If you look at the picture I attached on the previous page, that drive has a smaller bracket that can only take a narrow eject button.

It's not that unique, but the combination of drive outer sleeve with notch and wide bracket for the wide eject button is only guaranteed to be found in the A3000. Some A500 drives will be able to take the A3000 eject button, but of course you can use a tape or glue trick too. :-)

Also most A500 chinons will not have an activity LED soldered in, but each one I've seen has provisions for one.

Also, how much do you think this A3000 is worth? It has one disk drive, 8MB of fast ram, 2MB chip ram, and a 25Mhz 030. It looks to be in really nice shape overall and still has the second drive cover. It's an NTSC model. I was guessing around $600 given recent ebay auctions.
I'm still stuck in the turn of the millennium for what is an acceptable price, so it's difficult for me to comment. I'll just say that prizes are crazy these days. :-)
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