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Originally Posted by gilgamesh View Post
That step didn't hurt Apple. You can't seriously blame it for Amiga's failure to evolve during the last twenty years. There is nothing mediocre about POWER8. On topic: C64 users were already few and far between when I started. Naturally I liked the vibrant Amiga "scene" better.
Sure I can. Even Jobs had NeXTstep running on X86 hardware, and the FreeBSD base of OS X was secretly kept current with the PPC versions.

Wile it seems Apple has scrubbed the net to prevent embarrassment, I remember the snorting and giggles when Jeff Goldblum was exclaiming that they "shrank the supercomputer" for the G4 Cube.

Or the one where the G4 was declared a weapon by the Pentagon, but Pentiums were "harmless".

A Photoshop filter would show you the real story. A Pentium at the same clock speed was half again as fast for half the Price.

They always sold the "untapped" potential of the Power PC, but NO ONE ever produced it.Not even Apple.

That's why there are no more G(x) Mac's, and even less support for the old ones.

What kept Mac alive was the move to Intel.

When the "Amiga"esqe movement was trying to create post Commodore/post AGA Machine, the writing was CLEARLY on the wall.

Even though Apple was still sinking with PPC line, EVERYONE knew the Intel Mac's were coming.

Some how the litany of companies passing Amiga around like Tralala from "Last Exit to Brooklyn" failed to get the message

I'm the wrong decisions for Amiga in the post Commodore age are almost as legendary as the debacle that ended the company in the first place.

ATI Graphic cards when nVidia was, and IS STILL the clear king of graphic hardware, Power PC, and not even a G5! Not even in the Ghz range when PC's pushing 2Ghz.
Wasn't there something funcky with the RAM too, like requiring the more expensive ECC parity kind?

What made the Amiga great for it's time was that is was the best bang for the buck. Thanks to it's custom chips is smoked any competing system.

Hell I would love to see shootout with an 060 Amiga running Shapeshifter and Photoshop, Vs. any Pre "G" PPC Mac. I bet the 060 would crush them if you could match the clock speeds.

Yes. I blame PPC and the other stupid decisions to be different for differents sake. The PPC Gen of Amiga's were LITERALLY the WORST money per dollar for computing power, and had absolutely no real world functionality.

What kept the Amiga 680x0 alive was that it was designed for NTSC and PAL. It's the only computer in history that became MORE VALUABLE after the company went Bankrupt because SO MANY turnkey systems needed them as their core.

I remember well into the 20000's still seeing the occasional TV somewhere with Guru Meditation Error.

Amithalon was the closest we got to resurrecting the Amiga. It could have been the bridge to TODAY'S best bang for the buck. That was more of an Amiga that anything that came out Hyperion or Eyetech. IMHO.
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