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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
And as said, WHDLoad slaves take up a lot more RAM than the game originally needed.
Do you know of any games that use more than 8MB of ram? I'm genuinely curious now.

Back to the disk drive question. As you can see in those pictures the button for the disk drive is taped on, but I don't have any experience with this type of drive. Does it look like the actual plastic is broken (in which case I can buy a new one) or that something on the drive itself is broken?

I know people said that you can use A2000 or A500 drives with a little hacking, but are the A3000 unique then or just the button?

Also, how much do you think this A3000 is worth? It has one disk drive, 8MB of fast ram, 2MB chip ram, and a 25Mhz 030. It looks to be in really nice shape overall and still has the second drive cover. It's an NTSC model. I was guessing around $600 given recent ebay auctions.
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