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Sound get un-synchronized from video on AVI

This was first discussed on a previous tread, but here is the current state :

I am trying to record the Desert Dream demo to AVI to burn it on a DVD, to remember the past with friends.

On the recorded AVI, the sound get unsynchronized of the video.
It is not just a matter of starting the audio some ms before or after the video.
At start, the sound IS perfectly synchronized with the video, but the much longer the video, the much delay I get.

After 10 minute, I have a delay of about 2 seconds.

Of course, this can be fixed by adjusting the framerate in Virtualdub, but then I'll lose the frame rate needed for DVD compatibility.

It can also be fixed by compressing the audio for 1 or 2 seconds, but I think this problem actually lies on a bug in the AVI recording routine.

When playing the demo without AVI recording, the picture and sound are perfectly synchronized...

It looks like more PCM data are sent to the AVI file than to the soundcard.

I tryed using uncompressed RGB / PCM audio and DivX / MP3 -> same delay on both file.

Does other people experience the same problem ?

Any help, suggestion, Toni point of view is welcome.

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