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Originally Posted by bubbob42 View Post
@Jope: cutting the faceplate of that model to fit something as unnecessary as a 2nd floppy? Are you serious?
Um, you're supposed to cut the floppy drive's metal cover. You do not cut the A3000 front panel. This cutting to the FLOPPY DRIVE needs to be done if you install an A2000 or A4000 tall chinon into an A3000, else the computer's top case will not fit in its place, because the A3000's front panel will hit the floppy drive if you do not cut the drive case.

The A500 and A3000 tall Chinons share a similar casing, thus both will fit the A3000 without any modifications to either the A3000's front panel or the floppy drive's case. The A2000 and A4000 tall chinons again share a similar casing amongst themselves, but they are not A1000/A1010/A1011/A500/A3000 compatible due to their different shape.

Calm down and read more carefully next time.

Originally Posted by Tempest 2084 View Post
Really? Why?
They really didn't sell as many 16MHz ones as they did 25MHz ones. The whole 16MHz model was a bit of an afterthought, they slowed the machine down after someone decided that there needs to be an entry level model as well. As a result the 16MHz model is a bit more problematic with some expansions. The system was really designed to be a 25MHz system, so some timings are more marginal with a 16MHz motherboard clock.

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