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I prefer buffer linking because it allows extremely easy double buffered (or longer) playing mode.

Repeat can be added.

Complete "channel set" (1 channel if mono, 2 channels if stereo and so on) will only have single length, playback and volume value. (Not like Paula). Samples will be interleaved if more than 1 channel. (Just like most modern sound APIs work)

Current "sound card" sound interface only allows single "channel set" (=multiple sound cards at the same time are not supported), but in the future there may be multiple channel sets, each having separate volume, length and frequency.

Originally Posted by strim View Post
If you do it in a way that allows writing a driver for any OS (i.e. does not depend on AmigaOS structures like uaertg), then I might be tempted to write the NetBSD driver for it .
Thats the point. Keep Amiga-side interface as simple as possible and low level.

Perhaps similar "hardware UAE interface" can be done with other devices too...
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