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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
Leffman said "a bit" of a bully. You are quick to remove this important qualifier.
I'm not sure it makes any difference..... "I'm a bit of a thief"...... still suggests something unsavoury whether its a "bit of" or not

Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
Well, you certainly know that I have a lot of respect for you but there you can't exactly walk away from the fact that your answer was, yes, an opinion, yes, funny, but more importantly extremely mean to the poster.
Extremely mean? If you found it funny, doesn't that make you "mean" in return?

If someone asks for an opinion, they need to expect ALL opinions.

If you think thats being "extremely mean", you need to surf 4chan for about ten minutes to put that comment into perspective

Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
And I do not recall him asking "please be mean to me".
He asked for opinions, whether they are mean or not was not requested.

Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
If you think being mean is fine, then ok, we will have to disagree on that point but if you do not then I hope you can find it in your heart to accept that fondpondforever deserves a respectful answer.
Well I disagree I was mean in the first place so that kind of renders that point moot.

Remember, if it was so mean, YOU wouldn't have found it funny, because of course, mean very seldom is
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