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Hmmmmm this is an interesting query indeed.

While an 040 is generally twice the speed of the 030 I found them a little less compatible with some WHDLoad titles compared to an 030 (or 060) based adaptor, one could argue it might be library based, yet here is the list of 040's I have tried (extensively)
A1200 - Apollo 040@25
A1200 - Falcon 040@25
A1200 - BPPC 603e@200 / 040 @25
A2000 - GVP Combo 040@33
A4000 - CBM A3640 @ 33Mhz
The thing with an 040 is that once you have it... you will want an 060.... If I could offer anything in terms of advice at this level it would be to either save for an 060 based Apollo / Blizzard or purchase an upgradeable 040 to 060 based accelerator - such like a Blizzard 040 or an Apollo 040 with the 131 MACH chip.

Arguably you might save yourself a cool 100 off established prices if you go the upgrade route.

Accelerator's aside - here would be my top recommendations for your current system
  • PCMCIA WIFI / Ethernet (Cheap as chips!)
  • FAST ATA ( look on )
  • USB ( look on )
  • MAS player (MP3 off load engine)
  • Indivision AGA Mk1 (if you can find 'em)

At this point it would be wrong of me not to mention the Mediator PCI solution as you can achieve quite a lot after the initial investment with next to nothing expense of PC PCI cards - including USB 2, RTG Graphics, Fast IDE, 16bit Sound. However - this would need a PC case (modified or bought as) - unless you use nothing short of witchcraft and or sorcery to get it in an A1200 case

What would I do, well I will be honest - either look to getting an 060 or Build a Tower / Desktop PCI based Amiga - and then go for an 060 =)

You can get a 6x PCI Mediator for your A1200 for 215 from Amigakit (you might get a cheaper one second hand if you put up a wanted advert on

With that PCI network and sound cards are pennies (if that) compared to Amiga Zorro based hardware. You may have to put in a good 10 for a 256MB Graphics card though - with a bit of jiggery-pokery a USB2.0 PCI card can be made to work - that maybe will cost you a 5 - bang on an IDE card and TV card - you have an Amazing system.

Sadly this needs a PC Tower / Modified Desktop chassis and keyboard adaptor.

My primary A1200 is in a custom desktop chassis with -
  • ZIV Zorro Board
  • ZIV Fast ATA (Thanks to a PPC powered old sprite!)
  • ZIV PCI Mediator
  • PCI Vodoo 5500
  • PCI Radeon 9200
  • PCI Spider USB2.0
  • PCI SoundBlaster

With this setup it has 64MB on the Apollo 060@80 and a further 128MB from the Radeon GFX Card.

If you can live with a modified PC tower or Desktop chassis - then I would humbly recommend an 040 upgrade and PCI mediator solution which with a little bit of shrewishness you could achieve under 500 - you wont be disappointed
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