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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Agreed. And how is this respectful?

Clearly Leffmann operates with a double standard that makes his "crusade" even more ridiculous. He did not ever even ask for Galahad not to be rude to the OP, he insulted Galahad, and then after Galahad retorted, only then, he made his alleged intentions clear.
Galahad made a mistake, Leffman made another. Does that dismiss the core point he was making? No and you know it.

I am sure that Galahad can admit he was unnecessarily mean and certain that Leffman can see and admit that his angle of approach was unnecessarily provocative and counterproductive. This tirade about moral crusade and Leffman absence of right to act as he did ignore the core point.

It is possible to both reproach Leffman his approach and to support his point: Instead of attacking the messenger's attitude tell me what you think of the message.
=> Is it ok to be mean to people on the EAB or should we find better ways to communicate?

We can talk about this as responsible adults.

(And sorry for the off topic, fondpondforever)

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