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Amiga 3000 Questions

I'm about to get my hands on a very nice looking A3000. I comes with one disk drive, 2MB of Chip RAM and 4 MB Fast RAM. I have a few questions though:

1. Is 4MB of Fast RAM enough for WDLoad or should I aim for 8MB?

2. Can I use a 8MB SCSI/RAM card from my A2000 in the A3000 to get 12MB of Fast RAM or does the A3000 not work that way?

3. How hard is it to find RAM for the A3000 motherboard? What are the specs? I think I read that it can do either zip or dip ram. Not sure which is easier to find.

4. I have and Indivision ECS board that I can take out of my 2000. Is there any point in putting it in the 3000 or does the built in chip do a good enough job?

5. How hard is it to find a spare disk drive? Can I use a drive from another Amiga (500? 2000?) if I get that special eject button (I think they sell 3D printed ones now).
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