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Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
I've noticed how Galahad can be a bit of a bully to some people here on the forum at times, and by provoking a little reaction I was hoping he would wake up to how unnecessary it is.

Apparently it flew way over his and others' heads, and now people think we are fighting?
Me a bully? I would politely suggest you dont know the meaning of the word.

Did the OP ask for opinions on their thread content? Yes.

Did i offer an opinion? Yes.

I did it in a humourous way, I fail to see how posting a fairly pedestrian meme construes "bullying".

If i had said "why do you incessantly post your bullshit threads, they are childish and stupid, no-one wants to see them".....THAT is bullying.

That meme? Not even close to it. So its not that your little 'jostle' went over my head, its simply that you are wrong to suggest bullying where there is none.

Im also happy for you to post examples of my "bullying" on this forum, anytime ive gotten antsy with someone is generally in a reaction to something someone else has said.

The floor is yours
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