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Originally Posted by gilgamesh View Post
That step didn't hurt Apple. You can't seriously blame it for Amiga's failure to evolve during the last twenty years. There is nothing mediocre about POWER8. On topic: C64 users were already few and far between when I started. Naturally I liked the vibrant Amiga "scene" better.
C64-scene has some advantages today. There was never a split in the community, the hardware was and is the same, no NG models so everything (including lots of tricks) are knowsn, there were also some good developments tools like SEUCK who make good use of it. Graphics and sound is of course much worse than on amiga so the expectations of users are much lower than on amiga (who always compare new games with old commercial juwels). And there is not a split in a variety of different incompatible successor OSs (besides the old original one) which make supporting difficult (besides that all except one are closed and still "protected"). The same is true for most thirdparty developments like P96 who either belong to one of the new NG platforms or are in abyss from a legal sense with the danger somoeone popping up from nirvana as soon as you would use it.

At the moment I would say C64-community is in a much better situation
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